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Finally Free

During someone’s last semester of their final year of university there is a lot of pressure given to students. What am I going to do? Who am I going to become? Where am I going to end up? These are all “normal” questions to be asking yourself. However, you should not let that stop you or get in the way of you moving forward with your life.

Speaking from experience I struggled with finding the answers to all of these questions. Though as I am now a graduate I have been taking this time to focus on myself and turning my life and myself into the person I have always dreamed of becoming. It took me a little while to begin to understand what I wanted to do, but I realized half way through my senior year that it should not just be all about what I want to do with my life it is more of a question of who I want to become and what is the journey that God wants me to take on.

All of my life I have been in various youth groups and bible studies that have helped to guide me. They have not only helped guide me but have also been the leading factor of where my values are coming from. I am not that typical girl who is worried about material things in life and I have learned that it does not matter what people think of you. Honestly the only thing that I want to be “judging” me is God.

Accepting Christ into my life was one of the best decisions I believe I have ever endured. This journey is so magical and has really helped to settle my anxiety. He has brought so much happiness into my life and is always there no matter what. I can talk to him and know he will always listen and never have something else going on or something that is more important than a friend in need.

I finally feel as though I am at peace with who I am. I am not scared of how others will see me. I am a proud child of Christ and I love the life I have been blessed with. Some people may judge me or say mean or bad things about what I believe in, but He is my guiding factor and is someone who will stop the world for me to be by his side. I promise you that when you finally take the leap of faith and accept christ into your life, you will feel so free and at peace with yourself and who you are it is amazing. Things will still bother you and there will always be sin and temptation, but He has your back no matter what. You will realize you don’t need anyone else but him.

Published by ajourneythroughworship

I am a young adult who just graduated from university. I am a proud christian who loves exploring all that life has to offer.

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