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Nothing to do But, Look UP!

In Mathew 18:2-5 where Jesus himself tells us that we must “become as little children” to enter the Kingdom of God. Lauren Daigle takes inspiration from this idea and gives it her own twist. This twist later inspired me.  Lauren Daigle is one of my favorite worship singers. Her music is so current and so relatable to our day to day lives. 

I recently watched one of her interviews that discusses finding your child-like self. This immediately sparked my interest and I wanted to portray how her words touched me and made a positive impact on my day to day life as well as on my heart. As many of you may know I recently graduated from university and have moved home. Learning how to actually “adult” and be able to be the person I am longing to be in my head is something I am beginning to learn how to do. Lauren’s interview discusses the ideas that it is okay to hold onto your child-like self, even through the hardships of life as well as the constant stream of expectations that are thrown at us on a day-to-day basis. It is always important to take a breather and take a break from reality and to go home and connect with who you are and where you come from, most importantly it is extremely important to connect with your roots. I feel I can relate to Lauren in this way as I am currently at home and reconnecting with who I am and who I want to be. 

At one point in the interview she discusses that she has a piece of a Mr. Potato Head that she carries around in her purse where ever she goes to remind herself of what it was like to be child. Keeping true to the zeal and the understanding of how joyful things and life can be when we are children. As children we live carefree lives and this is something that is usually ignored as we grow into adults, though it should not be forgotten. We should always remember our child like selves and hold strong onto who we used to be because we can still carry the child-like faith wherever we go. It does not matter how old you are or where you are in your journey, keeping the child-like  faith is extremely important. She discusses that we are all called to walk with Him in child-like faith. 

In the beginning of 2018 Lauren Daigle came out with her Album called Look Up Child. 

We feel sometimes that when we don’t have everything on our to-do-lists completed we feel as though we have failed in some way. She discusses the idea that correlates very well to her Album and her album title of Look Up Child that when we feel we don’t have what ever we are going through nailed we don’t know what else to do, but the one thing we can do is LOOK UP!

Published by ajourneythroughworship

I am a young adult who just graduated from university. I am a proud christian who loves exploring all that life has to offer.

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