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Who am I?

Am I the woman of your dreams like you say?

Am I the woman who can conquer it all with you by my side? And you in my heart, body and soul?

Are there too many expectations of me to be a good girl?

Who am I to say I am any of that? Am I the leading factor of your happiness as you are to me?

When we said goodbye was it just temporary?

Is there more to come for you and I or is it all in my head?

You have watched from the sidelines as I continued to get hurt over and over again by the people I thought I needed in my life. Was that just a game to you?

You invited me into your life and everything was golden. But then we had to part ways. Is the time apart good or bad for us?

I don’t completely trust people, as I have been let down way too much in the past. Is it bad that I have my walls up and my heart guarded?

Will you always be the person in my life who helps me when I call out your name?

If all of these are true then you are the one for me and I need you in my life. Prove to me I am not just in my feelings about things. I have a loving heart anyone who is anyone can see that and is proud of who I have become thus far. Be proud I call you mine and don’t take my love for granted.

Published by ajourneythroughworship

I am a young adult who just graduated from university. I am a proud christian who loves exploring all that life has to offer.

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